Recoil U.S. Tour with special Guests Architect and Conjure One

Artist biographies:


Recoil is the project of Alan Wilder, formerly of Depeche Mode. Born in 1986 as a two-track experimental EP, Recoil’s album ‘Hydrology’ soon followed in 1988, before ‘Bloodline’ in 1991. Guest vocalists were recruited for the first time with contributions from Douglas McCarthy, Toni Halliday and Moby.

After leaving DM in 1996, Alan began work in his own studio (‘The Thin Line’) gradually piecing together the unnerving scores that would eventually reveal Recoil’s next album ‘Unsound Methods’. Featuring Maggie Estep, Siobhan Lynch, the reappearance of Douglas McCarthy, and Hildia Cambell, the album’s more organic style incorporated every imaginable musical genre from trip-hop to gospel whilst dealing with the subject of obsession in all its manifestations. In 2000, Recoil gave us ‘Liquid’ which this time utilised the unique qualities of internationally acclaimed singer Diamanda Galás, 1940’s Gospel crooners The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet, and New York spoken-word performers Nicole Blackman & Samantha Coerbell.

After a 6 year break from recording, Alan returned in 2007 with Recoil’s 5th studio album ’subHuman’. 2010 has seen the release of ‘Selected’ – Recoil’s brand new collection of classic tracks which this current tour is in support of. ‘Selected’ is available either as download, 1CD or 2CD editions. The 2CD features many new remixes and alternative versions, chosen and edited together by Alan and Paul Kendall.


Architect is a unique hybrid of idm, electronica and smooth ambient soundscapes as inexhaustibly explored by German mastermind Daniel Myer. Daniel began experimenting with electronic music in his teenage years, and in 1993 he founded the legendary electro-industrial/ebm project Haujobb. Since then he has made a name for himself in the modern electronic music scene and initiated a legion of first class band projects like Hmb, Newt and Destroid – as well as being a permanent member of the renowned Swedish ebm band Covenant since he joined in 2007.

Architect was created in 1998 and can be easily described as the most outstanding and fascinating of Daniel’s projects. The recent release ‘consume adapt create’ is a unique blend of atmospheric idm, cinematic samples, powerfully distorted sequences, ramming electro grooves, razor-sharp breakbeats, and haunting ambience. Daniel Myer demonstrates his astounding compositional skill through his use of surgically placed sounds, unrelenting beats and complex, intelligent arrangements. Creating a powerful mix of both synthetic noise and organic emotion.